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Fools Bay projects bring a unique focus on ethical and environmental dilemmas in telling witty, diverse, gripping stories.

A Few Current Projects


The Events at Unity Farm

A family horror series about a newly blended family of five kids who are mysteriously abandoned by their parents on a remote farm, and discover that the ghost haunting them is a child whose terrible story they must expose…and atone for.   Currently producing short film proof of concept in partnership with Titan1Studios and Polyscope Entertainment, shot on location in Calgary.



A drama series in the vein of Ozark about showrunner Jon Cooksey's personal experiences with oil, alcohol and espionage in Kentucky.  Pilot script being developed with Halfire Entertainment (Alias Grace)

Cover page for Sequitur Acuminata, comedy series for TV about human love, epidemiology, and STI's.

Sequitur Acuminata

A comedy about human love, as seen through the eyes of a sexually transmitted virus that achieves consciousness and falls for the epidemiologist who's trying to wipe it out.   A pilot script that asks the question:  What is love, anyway?

The Oracle's Wife

The Oracle's Wife - a biopic based on the lives of King and Miriam Hubbert

A biopic about what it takes to love someone who wants to change the future.  Based on the non-fiction biography of M. King Hubbert, who foresaw the end of civilization as we know it.

Dark Iris


Dark Iris is a horror anthology series that gives multi-cultural mythologies a modern speculative twist and a Deadpool-ish sense of humor. Think a blend of Tales from the Crypt and Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales), a popular Argentine-Spanish black comedy anthology film with themes of violence and vengeance.  In development with Campanario Entertainment and Mucho Mas Media.

Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill logo - a series about a Millennial trying to hang on to her soul in Big Pharma

A biting romantic comedy series about a Millennial trying to hang on to her soul as she climbs the ladder inside Big Pharma. 

A Few Past Projects

So Weird

A drama series in the vein of The X Files that foreshadowed later series like Stranger Things.  

The Collector

A supernatural series about a soul-collector for the Devil who decides he wants to try to save the souls of his clients.  Sold into 66 counties.

How to Boil a Frog

A documentary about overshoot (too many people using up too little planet too fast) and how to save civilization with comedy.

Jon Cooksey Bio & Resume

 An architect of story universes, Jon Cooksey shapes iconic entertainment in all genres of film, television and digital that has resonated with myriad viewers across the globe. His work has won or been nominated for Emmy, Humanitas, Gemini, Leo and Cable Ace awards in TV, plus numerous awards for his comedic feature documentary about saving civilization, How to Boil a Frog

From his seminal work as head writer/showrunner on Rugrats (both TV and feature), to the cult favorite So Weird, and the Halloweentown MOWs seen by every millennial, Jon’s work has defined childhood for a generation. He was at the forefront of developing for interactive platforms, creating both a PlayStation game and a CD-ROM based on the Rugrats IP, and has now taken an intensive dive into the new worlds of AI and XR, sculpting entertainment on platforms that are only now evolving. Digital projects include development of a slate of interactive VR/AR projects with Titan1Studios, plus writing and producing a high-tech pilot presentation for AMD, to be premiered in mid-2019. 

With a deep interest in historical fiction, Jon infuses his cutting edge, often comedic, work with a depth of influences that enrich his storytelling from dark thrillers to family dramas to multiplatform adaptations of graphic novels. Credits as TV showrunner include Arctic Air, Shattered, The Best Years and his original series The Collector.  He’s developed 14 pilots for various prodcos and networks, including Comedy Central, FX and ITV (UK), and has run series for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in the US, for Rogers, Global, CBC and Space in Canada. Altogether he’s produced over 150 hours of TV.  He’s currently on track to take a number of original series into the US, Canadian and international markets.

On the feature side, Jon’s recently written Los Angeles: Being the True Story of the largest Lynching in the History of America, and the birth of a City, about the mystery behind the Chinatown Massacre of 1871, based on IP. Other recent feature scripts include The Oracle’s Wife, a biopic about M. King Hubbert, one of the great minds of the 20th century who foresaw the end of the Oil Age, and Hindenburg LZ-129, a film noir thriller that uses the famous disaster as a springboard. And his documentary How To Boil A Frog continues to be screened globally in university classrooms and on digital platforms, infiltrating the conversations of environmental activists on track to change the future. 

In general Jon’s goal is to break the boundaries of current entertainment silos, creating broad audiences across multiple platforms (XR, games, TV series, movies, live events, musical theatre, storyworlds, theme park rides, etc.), with stories that have an international appeal. 

Jon is repped by Bob Getman at Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer in the US, and by Jennifer Hollyer Agency in Canada. He’s a dual citizen, has a degree in economics from Stanford, and is a member of WGA, WGC and WGGB.

So Weird songs - chords PDF (pdf)


So Weird CD lyric sheet PDF (pdf)


Jon Cooksey resume 1-30-19 (pdf)


Jon Cooksey bio 6-4-19 (pdf)



Latino Voter Project

President of SVREP Lydia Camarillo in front of the organization's slogan, Su Voto Es Su Voz.

This is an incredible initiative with Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project (SVREP), the oldest Latino voting organization in the US, and the most effective.   

The Carbon Underground


Working with TCU Founder Larry Kopald on short form entertainment and some other cool stuff, to spread the word  about Regenerative Agriculture and its potential to stop or even reverse climate change.

American Farmland Trust


We're losing 175 acres of arable land every 30 minutes...and that's just in the US.  Nuff said.

This Is Insane Day

I usually post this only once a year, but lately EVERY day has been This Is Insane Day.

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